Truck Driving Benefits

It is not surprising to see why adventurers and nature lovers at heart are drawn to a truck driving life in Wisconsin. They are excited when they think they will be able to drive amidst the beauty of the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway, the lush greenery of the Kickapoo River Valley, or the historic landmarks of Kewaunee. There are also many others who want to embark on a truck driving life here so that they get to enjoy the many trucking benefits. Wisconsin drivers, who work for our preferred school, claim that they provide some of the most rewarding trucking benefits in the entire country.

Apart from the great employee packets that drivers get to take home, at CDL Wisconsin, our premier school also provide our drivers with a host of trucking benefits like annual bonuses, shares of their profits, insurance coverage, some absolutely free of cost; income protection plans; and retirement plans. Some of their Wisconsin trucking benefits are listed below:

  • Mileage Pay: Unlike many other trucking companies, they pay drivers, over and above their salaries, for all the miles they have driven. In addition to this, they also have an annual mileage bonus. This ensures that their drivers get a chance to earn more than their fixed salaries by being on the road more often.
  • Year-End Bonuses: Coupled with the annual mileage bonus, they also pay safety and performance bonuses at the end of the year. These bonuses add to a driver’s annual income.
  • Life Insurance: Apart from the above trucking benefits, they also provide basic life and AD&D to truck drivers on our payroll at absolutely no cost at all. The drivers can also choose to buy additional life insurance policies for themselves, their spouses, and children at great rates.
  • Affordable Health, Vision, and Life Insurance Plans: Their health, vision, and dental insurance coverage plans are extremely affordable; because they put out most of the money, you don’t have to make a dent in your savings.
  • Profit Shares: When you complete a year of service with them, you may be entitled to a share of their profits, which quite a neat packet considering that they are one of the 100 largest trucking companies in the United States.

Apart from the above trucking benefits, Wisconsin drivers working with them also are entitled to short- and long-term income protection plans, employee referral schemes, and a 401 (k) retirement plan. They have the opportunity to earn more by traveling to or through designated areas, crossing borders, and transporting hazardous substances.

So, if you want to enjoy these Wisconsin trucking benefits, call us at 1-800-TRUCKER (1-800-878-2537); whether you stay in Milwaukee, Appleton, or Fond du Lac, at CDL Wisconsin, we can transform your career.

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